Friday, April 3, 2009

The Rhyme of Victory

You walk toward the distant light
Through the eerie,cold,dark night.
Face demons unseen,unknown,
Brave the storms until they've blown.

When the hordes of doubt attack,
Fight them hard and drive them back.
With Hope and Faith as sword and shield,
Stand your ground and do not yield.

Mountains high and rivers wide,
May conspire to check your stride.
Falter not, you shall prevail.
With courage in heart, you cannot fail!

Look within and you will see
One bound by mediocrity.
Free the one that resides within,
Break the chains that bind you to sin.

And as the hidden one takes flight,
Darkness melts into growing light.
The gates of doubt now stand breached,
Victory shines bright, the goal is reached.


Anirudh Arun said...

Nice one dude... Good to see you back. Though I'm overwhelmed by the sudden outburst of posts!

Anirudh Ganapathy said...

Lol...thanks man...they're actually an accumulation of stuff over the past year...