Friday, April 3, 2009

As I'm Waiting for Dawn

The night creeps up upon my door,
Throwing darkness on my floor.
The shadows swirl and twist and dance,
Throwing me into a trance.

I see strange shapes move in the gloom,
As I contemplate my doom.
Thinking of my life that’s gone,
As I’m waiting for Dawn.

The blackness suffocates my mind,
Bringing fear of every kind.
Down my spine it sends a chill,
My fear begins to break my will.

I feel panic flow in my veins,
Binding me with unseen chains.
I keep on struggling on and on,
As I’m waiting for Dawn.

So intent upon this fight,
I barely notice growing light.
The darkness starts to fade away,
Making way for a new day.

As the sun begins to rise,
Shrouds of blackness leave my eyes.
Fear takes flight, I am reborn,
No more waiting for Dawn.

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