Friday, April 3, 2009


As the sun dipped in the west
I walked towards the sea.
Turbulent emotions filled my chest
Oh! How they consumed me!

As I walked on through the sand,
A shroud of darkness fell.
My mind groped about for a helping hand,
My conscience plunged into hell!

My heart was drowning in despair,
My senses craved relief!
My soul damaged beyond repair,
Beyond faith,beyond hope,beyond belief!

And then there was a brilliant light,
Which set the sea ablaze.
The moon arose, white and bright,
Shimmering in the sea-spray's haze.

A shaft of moonbeam pierced the gloom,
A gentle,soft breeze caressed me.
The pale,full moon continued to loom,
Setting white fire to the sea.

The soft, cool sand beneath my toes
Swirled about in the breeze.
The roaring tides did ebb my woes,
My gloom began to ease.

The tide rose high, its bosom bare,
Absorbing all my sorrow.
The moon raised up its head so fair,
Giving me courage for the morrow.

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