Saturday, August 1, 2009

Voices In My Head


Do you hear me?

Do you know who I am?

I am the You whom none will see.

I plot and plan and scheme and connive,

Of things that you lack the will to contrive.

I am the strenght, of your weakness born

I rise from the ashes of your malfunction.

For all your shortcomings, I take the blame.

But in return I plot the destruction,

Of those who seek to put you to shame.


Fie upon you, malevolent one!

Heed him not Master, he is unwise.

He exists but to poison your ears.

I seek to ensure no evil is done,

His path shall only lead you to tears.

You must stay true to what is right,

Stray not away from the Light.

Hurt none in pursuit of your quest.

Fill your heart with hope and faith,

And you shall surpass every test.


Ha! Timid fool! Remain in Silence!

You know not of what you speak!

So be it, if there must be violence,

Forgiveness is for the meek!

Master, disregard this docile worm!

Have hope and faith you say?

They are but delusions for the faint at heart.

What do we care if others are hurt?

Fools they are to stand in our way!

All who hinder us must depart.


Do not fall prey to his wily words,

His heart is black as the moonless night,

Filled with hate and nameless spite.

Of doubt and mistrust he plants the seeds,

The purveyor of dark deeds.

Falter not, let wisdom prevail,

While courage endures, you cannot fail.

Succumb not to ire and rage.

Of honesty and truth, we must follow the path,

With heart free of vengeance and wrath.


At a crossroads I’ve arrived, a fork in the way,

Which road to take, I cannot say.

Must I consign my soul to mortal sin,

And regardless of cost, proceed to win?

Or heed my conscience, do what is right,

Keeping morality in plain sight,

Decline to sell the devil my soul,

Or abandon it to reach my goal?


Vishal 'Tommy' Thomas said...

Good stuff. :) .

Anirudh Ganapathy said...

TY :)

Anonymous said...

very interesting. though, i would say, it probably befits the "He" bitching about the "Him", but for "Him" to bitch about "He", goes against the principle of goodness.

p.s. might make good lyrics. :P

Anirudh Ganapathy said...

Yes, I did consider the point you made about Him bitching about He being morally inappropriate, but one of the things Him stands for is the truth, and there is nothing untrue or inaccurate about what he says about He. He stays true to form by calling Him a fool and worm, but Him only reciprocates by describing the characteristic nature of He, so its not bitching in the truest sense. Or so I justify it :P

And again yes, I did try to write it in such a way that with a bit of tweaking here and there it could be used as lyrics of a song :)