Thursday, July 30, 2009


Over the past several months, I've tried my hand at photography, mostly using an N 73 3.2 megapixel camera. Very very amateur stuff, but I think I still managed to get some decent shots. Here are some:

Corbett Falls

On a boat at the Sunderbans

Skies of Vellore

Megadeth concert, Bangalore, March 14th 2008

Early morning in the Sunderbans

Breakfast at Fleury's, Kolkata :)


Random shot of cousin's car


Sunset at Marina

Skies of Kodai

Cousins playing, Kodai

Tree at sunset, Kodai

Sun dappled flowers


Kodai Lake

Will continue to upload more as I snap. Please let me know how good/bad you think the pics are :)


Nor Ain said...

Pretty stuff. Esp. the last one. Lovely :)

Anirudh Ganapathy said...

Thank youse :)

Feel free to comment on everything else as well :P

Maru said...

Good stuff fa.. :) Vellore skies was a good one, especially cos noone notices normally.. And the kodai lake, amazing pic, good work ! :)

Anurag Kumar Lucknow said...

That was awesome set of snaps! what camera do you use!

Anirudh Ganapathy said...

All the snaps except the ones called Skies of Vellore and Megadeth concert were taken using an N73 3.2 megapixel camera phone. Those two were taken using a 1.3 pixel camera phone. Like I said, very amateur stuff :) And thank you! :)

Ashwini Sriram said...

wow! loved the tree and the lake the best... din know u had it in u!:)